Spiced Cacao Sugar Free Hot Chocolate


A hug in a mug: warming and nourishing without the sugars or carbs.

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Our New Spiced Cacao is a decadent, warming blend made with a base or pure, raw, organic cacao, sweetened with erythritol and flavoured with our Chai spice blend. This chocolate is gently warming and comforting, sugar free, vegan and gluten-free. Suitable for people with diabetes and those on a carb/calorie-controlled diet (less than 2g absorbable carbs per cup) but delicious for everyone!

200g tub, serving size 2-3 tsp.


Please note recipe change for this product in August 2020. Xylitol was replaced with erythritol. All tubs currently on sale are new recipe but as we switch over to new packaging some tubs still say xylitol on the front.

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