Coconut Cacao


A decadent, dairy-free drinking chocolate in an instant!

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A truly decadent coconut drinking chocolate made with a base of pure raw cacao and coconut milk powder, we’ve sweetened it with coconut blossom sugar which is a caramely, unrefined sweetener.

One of the world’s only dairy free instant hot chocolates. Just add hot water and stir, or make it 50/50 water and your chosen milk for an even creamier experience. The natural creaminess comes from the coconut milk powder and the sweetness from coconut blossom sugar.

We’ve also added Lacuma which is a caramel flavoured Andean fruit and a hint of Madagascan Vanilla powder. This blend is utterly lavish and delicious but also happens to be gluten free, dairy free and vegan!

300g tub, serving size 2 tbl.

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