Chai Hot Chocolate Letterbox Cosy Gift


A super cosy hygge letterbox gift with chai choc, mallows and cotton socks.

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A super cosy hygge letterbox gift consisting of luxury, organic chai drinking chocolate, veggie mallows and cotton socks beautifully packaged in crepe paper with a gift tag.

Box contains:

80 grams of organic chai drinking chocolate (approx 6-8 servings)
25 grams of vegan mallows
A pair of cotton socks
Hand wrapped in crepe paper and packaged in a white letterbox cardboard box with a gift tag.

100% vegan, gluten-free and organic.

All packaging is eco recyclable or compostable.

Make this gift sugar free and keto by selecting the cookie in place of mallows.

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size 4-6 Bright, size 4-6 Neutral, size 7-11 Bright, size 7-11 neutral


Salted Caramel Cookie, Vegan Mallows

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