What is Cacao?

“Cacao” can be used to describe any product derived from the cacao bean, nut or tree such as nibs, butter, paste, mass or most commonly powder. Cacao is the basis of all chocolate products but the quality varies enormously!

Pure raw cacao is nature’s richest source of magnesium and is abundantly high in antioxidants. Consumption can increase the level of neurotransmitters in the brain giving a heightened sense of wellbeing. It may also help regulate blood pressure, increase libido and promote heart health.

Most cacao products have been intensely heat treated to remove any risk of contamination and create a uniform substance in the quickest most cost effective way. Once heated and processed cacao becomes cocoa. Most, if not all, of the health benefits literally disappear in a puff of smoke leaving just the chocolaty flavour.

The Raw Cacao Extraction Process

We use pure, Raw, Peruvian, Criolla Cacao from an organically certified, fairtrade producer.

The highest quality beans are selected and hand washed in rain water before being air dried at a natural temperature of 30-40 degrees. At this heat the husks of the beans soften and fall off but the enzymes are maintained.

The beans are then shaken to remove all husks leaving cacao nibs. The nibs are slowly ground creating cacao paste before being filtered through a cold press to remove the oils leaving a “cacao press cake“. The final process is a hand mill that powders the cake creating our gorgeous rich cacao powder.

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